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How Tae Kwon Do Training can Improve your Soccer Game
by: Jason Thomas, Chief Instructor, North Austin Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art that has a unique emphasis on kicking that is literally a "Sport Specific" Martial Art for soccer.  Soccer enthusiasts can greatly enhance their soccer game by supplementing their soccer practice with Tae Kwon Do training. 

Several Key abilities that are vital to success in soccer are improved with regular Tae Kwon Do training such as:

  1. The ability to deliver strong explosive kicks -- Tae Kwon Do is first and fore most a kicking art.  Tae Kwon Do practitioners study every detail of kick mechanics, including how to chamber a kick properly, how to deliver a kick on target against a moving opponent, how to develop maximum power from a kick, how to maintain balance while throwing a kick, how to throw a kick from difficult position, how to throw a kick under extreme pressure and much more.  It's easy to see how proficiency in kicking and the ability to place your foot exactly where you need to from head to toe would be an asset to any soccer player.
  2. The ability to focus in pressure situations -- Tae Kwon Do students frequently practice free sparring, which requires Tae Kwon Do Students to defend themselves against kicking and punching attacks while countering with kicking and punching attacks of their own.  In order score with a kicking technique, the kick must be performed with perfect technique and land precisely on target.  This skill greatly enhances the soccer player's ability to hit the ball precisely on target in the heat of a scramble.
  3. Self discipline -- Tae Kwon Do promotes a strong sense of self-discipline.  Students learn the value of repetition and self-study and develop the self discipline to practice a single technique or kick hundreds, if not thousands of times in an effort to totally master the technique or kick.  In order to be successful in Tae Kwon Do, a student must have the self-discipline to practice on their own several times per week and develop a sense of self-motivation.  This self discipline will also allow the soccer player succeed in honing their soccer skills and dig in deep when it counts.
  4. Self-Control -- Tae Kwon Do emphasizes self-control, teaching the student control their emotions and remain calm in stressful situations.  Keeping a cool head is essential in soccer matches, where pressure and stress can build up rapidly.  It's vital for soccer players to remain cool under fire and respond appropriately with a variety of actions.
  5. General athletic abilities -- Tae Kwon Do is a total body exercise that will help the soccer player improve several other key athletic abilities such as timing, rhythm, speed, flexibility, aerobic endurance and strength. 

Additionally, Tae Kwon Do training will offer additional variety in training to the soccer player, which will prevent burn out. 

Please visit www.natkd.com/tkd_info for more specific information on the art of Tae Kwon Do and www.natkd.com/selecting_a_school for information on how to select a Tae Kwon Do or other martial arts school.