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Inner strength, outer strength, and wisdom, these are the gifts of the Bear."
Unknown, Choctaw Elder

North Austin Tae Kwon Do has adopted the Bear as its symbol because of the bear's historical symbolism and its relevance to the philosophy of the school and our martial arts teachings.  The Bear is a prevalent symbol in cultures around the world, including but not limited to China, Japan, Korea, the Native American Peoples and many others cultures. 

In each of these mythological or folk references the Bear is represented in a positive light with a definitive focus and qualities such as:

  • Wisdom

  • Healing

  • Respect for elders

  • Warmth and family values

  • Teaching the young

  • Speak only when wisdom comes forth

  • Reserved Strength

"The Bear walks cautiously with strength both inwardly and outwardly carrying themselves with wisdom, but on a moment's notice they can unleash immense power, speed and ferocity.  From this wisdom they embrace the love of their family and their children are of the utmost importance.  Powerful yet reserved, Bears make good leaders, who stand with respect.  When true Bears speak, they are to be heard, for from the opening of their lips comes right things, no wickedness, nothing perverse or crooked."

                                                        Description of members of the Bear Totem