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Aikido History
Aikido Timeline
Founder of Aikido
Hiji Dori
Introduction to Aikido
Jo Kata
Katadori Menuchi
Kata Dori
Maai Distance Drills
Maai Gap Drills
The Ki in Aikido
Words of O'Sensei
Weapons Training
Katate Dori

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Dojo  Training hall.
Gi Practice uniform
O-Sensei  Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido
Onegaishimasu "Please do me this favor." Said to sensei after a technique is demonstrated, and to your partner before training.
Nage The person executing the technique.
Rei Bow. There are seated and standing bows.
Seiza  Formal seated position. Back is straight, legs folded underneath, knees apart, big toes are next to each other.
Sensei Instructor
Uke The person receiving the technique (person who initiates an "attack").



Ai-hanmi When Nage and Uke face each other in the same stance.
Gyaku-hanmi When Nage and Uke face each other in opposite or mirror stance.
Hanmi The standard stance of Aikido.
Hanmi handachi Nage in sitting posture and Uke attacks while standing.
Jo tori Techniques against jo attack.
Maai Proper distance between Nage and Uke.
Seiza Sitting position
Shikko Method of walking on knees
Suwari waza Technique with Nage and Uke sitting.
Tachi tori Technique against attack with boken.
Tachi waza Technique with Nage and Uke standing.
Tanto tori Technique against attack with tanto.
Ushiro kubishime Uke grabs one of Nage's wrists from behind and chokes Nage with the other arm.
Ushiro ryokatatori Uke grabs Nage's shoulders from behind.
Ushiro tekubitori Uke grabs both of Nage's wrists from behind.



Katatetori Uke grabs one of Nage's wrists with one hand.
Katatori Uke grabs at Nage's lapel or shoulder.
Morotetori Uke grabs Nage's forearm with both hands.
Ryotetori Uke uses both hands to each of Nage's wrists
Shomenuchi Uke strikes down at Nage's head.
Tsuki Uke punches at Nage in a lunging motion.
Yokomenuchi Uke strikes at Nage's head from the side.



Gokkyo Wrist technique in which wrist is held palm up
Ikkyo Technique where arm is held without pressure to the joints
Irimi "Entering" used to describe techniques with direct entry or as in Irimi Nage throw
Juji Nage Throw in which uke's arms are crossed
Kaitenage Throw where Uke is bent forward, Uke's head is held down and arm is pushed diagonally across the back 
Kokyu Nage "Breath power throw" techniques which throw by body movement with no joint technique
Koshinage Throw where Uke is thrown over Nage's hip
Kotegaeshi Wrist technique with the hand twisted
Omote Variation of a technique where Nage has direct entry (irimi) across the front of Uke
Osae A pin
Sankyo Wrist technique where uke's hand is turned to twist uke's forearm
Shihonage "Four direction throw" Nage raises and twists Uke's arm and turns 180 and brings Uke's arm down in a cutting motion
Soto Kaiten An outside turning motion
Tenchi Nage "Heaven and earth throw" throw where Uke's balance is lost by Nage entering while raising one hand up and the other down
Tenkan Motion of Nage to turn or pivot away from Uke
Uchi katen An inside turning motion
Ura Variation of a technique where Nage turns around Uke (tenkan style of movement)
Yonkyo Technique with pressure applied to Uke's forearm

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