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Sparring Rules

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No one below the rank of Yellow Belt may free spar, ever.

1.      No sparring is allowed unless the Instructor agrees and is (or assigns someone) on the floor to supervise.
2.      No hard contact is ever allowed.
3.      No contact to the head is ever allowed.
4.      Only controlled, light sparring is allowed.
5.      No free sparring is allowed without proper sparring gear.
6.      Always show respect by bowing to your sparring partner.
7.      After bowing, signal that you are ready to free spar by assuming sparring stance and yell with a "Ki-Hap."
8.      Always spar with hands closed an up in proper guarding position.
9.      Only use legal techniques and only strike to legal target areas.
10.  Never punch or kick to the back, or below the belt.
11.  As courtesy, never strike to the solar plexus or a woman's breast, although these are within the legal target area.
12.  Never strike or block with your elbows, knees, or head.
13.  Never use blind techniques (i.e. spin back-fist).  Always look before you strike.
14.  Never turn your back to your partner.
15.  If you make a mistake while sparring, always apologize immediately, and do not repeat the mistake.
16.  If your partner falls during sparring, stop immediately and extend a hand to help him/her up.  However, if your partner is injured after falling don't force him/her up. 
17.  Never spar or continue to spar when one or both partners become upset or frustrated.
18.  If you ever feel that your physical well-being is threatened while free sparring, you have the right to cease sparring, remove your head gear, and step off to the side.
19.  If you ever feel that your partner shows lack of control or uses excessive contact, stop the match and tell your Instructor immediately.
20.  If you make a particularly good move or obviously demonstrate greater skill than your partner, never make an outward sign of gloating--be humble.