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  Ranks Description
1 Yellow Front Choke X Block out
2 Yellow Front Choke Up and Over
3 Sr. Yellow Wrist Grab Breaking The Gate
4 Sr. Yellow Wrist Grab Pull in Side kick
5 Orange Back Choke Wrap
6 Orange Front Choke Crush Elbows Down
7 Sr. Orange Full Nelson Arms to Forehead, step behind, throw
8 Sr. Orange Bear Hug Slip down to Horse Stance dual elbow
9 Green  Front Choke Inside Wrist Grab
10 Green  Front Choke Outside Wrist Grab
11 Sr. Green Lapel Grab Arm Break
12 Sr. Green Punch Cover, Cover Back Fist
13 Blue Front Kick Up and Over
14 Blue Front Kick Spider Spin
15 Sr. Blue Round Kick Trap and Sweep
16 Sr. Blue Side Kick Drop Side Kick
17 Purple Head Lock Flip
18 Purple Stepping Punch Choke with hand raised
19 Sr. Purple Stepping Punch Parry, knife hand, Choke
20 Sr. Purple Stepping Punch Inside Block, Spinning Elbow, Choke



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