Quantcast Belt Test Guide

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North Austin Tae Kwon Do Belt Test Guide

The North Austin Tae Kwon Do Belt Test Guide is a PDF file that contains all of the testing requirements from White Belt to Black Belt.  Click on the picture below to see the North Austin Tae Kwon Do Belt Test Guide.  The student must know the material for the new belt well and have permission from the instructors to test.
Click on the links in the table below to view movies of the techniques
Basic Techniques
White - Green Hadan Marki Song Sue Arb-Chiji Chukiyo Marki Sudo
Sr. Green - Brown Hadan Marki, RP Chukiyo Marki, RP Yup Marki, RP Arb-Chiji, Elbow Strike Sudo, Spear Hand
Sr. Brown - Black F:  TP, B: CM, FK, RP F: A-C, ES B: S, FK, SH Front Kick, Front Kick Round Kick, Round Kick Side Kick, Side Kick
Kicking Techniques
White - Green Front Kick Round Kick Side Kick Crescent Kick Heel Kick
Sr. Green - Brown Turning Back Kick Turning Crescent Kick Turning Heel Kick Sliding Kicks Skipping Kicks
Sr. Brown - Black Jump Kicks Elevated Kicks Three Directional Kicks    
Pre-Arranged Techniques
Self-Defense Techniques One Step Sparring
White - Green 1.  Front Choke X Block out 1.  (FS)  Chukiyo Marki, Reverse Punch (Face), Reverse Punch (Stomach)
2.  Front Choke Up and Over 2.  (FS)  Arb Chiji, Back Fist (Face), Reverse Punch (Stomach)
3.  Back Choke Wrap 3.  (FS)  Chukiyo Marki, Ridge Hand (Temple), Reverse Punch (Face), Palm (All Face)
4.  Front Choke Throat Poke 4.  (FS) Chukiyo Marki, Front Kick (Groin), Palm (Face)
Sr. Green - Brown 5.  Full Nelson Protect Neck & Throw 5.  (FS)  Chukiyo Marki, Reverse Punch (Face), Sweep, Reverse Punch (Face)
6.  Front Choke Inside Wrist Grab 6.  Side Step:  Defensive Side Kick (Ribs) , Sudo clear hand, Reverse Punch (body)
7.  Front Choke Outside Wrist Grab 7.  (FS)  Sudo, Round Kick, Side Kick, Back Fist (Face) , Ridge Hand (Face)
8.  Cross Grab Zed Lock 8.  (FS)  Inside Crescent Kick (Block) , Side Kick (Stomach), Back Fist (Face) , Ridge Hand (Temple)
Sr. Brown - Black Ho Sin Sool Demonstration Self-made One Steps
Forms Breaks Board Board Conversion
Sr. White Kibon/Jase Hyung N/A N/A Men 17+ Green
Yellow Kicho Hyung Hammer Fist Green Women 17+/Boys 12-16 Orange
Sr. Yellow Chon-Ji Elbow Green Women 11-16/Boys 8-11 Yellow
Orange Dan-Gun  Palm Green Girls 6-10/Boys 6-7 White
Sr. Orange Do-San Any Hand Green    
Green Review All Side Kick Green   Board Color System
Sr. Green Won-Hyo Front Kick Green   White
Blue Yul-Guk/Review All Round Kick Green   Yellow
Sr. Blue Joon-Gun Turning Back Kick Green   Orange
Purple Review All Knife Hand Green   Green
Sr. Purple Toi-Gye Ridge Hand Blue   Blue
Brown Review All Punch (Pad Mandatry) Blue   Brown
Sr. Brown Hwa-Rang Front, Round or Hook Blue   Black
Red Review All Jump Kick Brown    
Sr. Red Choong-Moo Turning Back Kick Brown