Quantcast Belt Test Guide (Old)

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Sr. White Belt
Yellow Belt
Sr. Yellow Belt
Orange Belt
Sr. Orange Belt
Green Belt
Sr. Green Belt
Blue Belt
Sr. Blue Belt
Purple Belt
Sr. Purple Belt
Brown Belt
Sr. Brown Belt
Red Belt
Sr. Red Belt
Black Belt

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North Austin Tae Kwon Do Belt Test Guide

Click on the links to the left to see each belt requirement and to view videos of the belt requirements.

The North Austin Tae Kwon Do Belt Test Guide is a PDF file that contains all of the testing requirements from White Belt to Black Belt.  Click on the picture below to see the North Austin Tae Kwon Do Belt Test Guide.

Belt Test Grading Forms and Minimum Requirements

The table below contains the belt test grading forms and the minimum requirements for each rank.  To view a belt test form click on the rank of the form you wish to see.  Please note that a student must meet ALL requirements to be eligible to test. 

Target Belt Test Form Months of Training Required at Current Belt Number of Class Required at Current Belt Total Training Time (Months)
Sr. White Belt 3 21 3
Yellow Belt 3 21 6
Sr. Yellow Belt 3 21 9
Orange Belt 3 21 12
Sr. Orange Belt 3 21 15
Green Belt 3 21 18
Sr. Green Belt 3 21 21
Blue Belt 3 21 24
Sr. Blue Belt 3 21 27
Purple Belt 3 21 30
Sr. Purple Belt 3 21 33
Brown Belt 3 21 36
Sr. Brown Belt 3 21 39
Red Belt 3 21 42
Sr. Red Belt 3 21 45
1st Degree Black Belt 3 21 48

From example in order to test of Orange Belt the student must have been a Sr. Yellow Belt for three months, have attended 21 classes during that period and have been training for a total of 12 months.  If the student attended 21 classes in one month they still would not be able to test because they would not have met the 3 month time in grade as a Sr. Yellow Belt.

Finally the student must know the material for the new belt well and have permission from the instructors to test.