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Bali-Song Videos


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Instructional Videos by ZENGHOST
Y2K Rollover (8.86 MB)
(first seen on BalisongXtreme.com)
Advanced Horizontal Opening (4.84 MB)
(a ZENGHOST creation)
The Pinwheel (3.53 MB)
(seen as the False Forward Grip Opening on BalisongXtreme.com)
The Pinball (7.47 MB)
(a ZENGHOST creation)
Y3K Rollover (5.1 MB)
(a ZENGHOST creation)
Rewind (5.81 MB)
(a ZENGHOST variation of Icon of Sin's Adv retwirl motion y2k)
Stopover (4.25 MB)
(a ZENGHOST creation)
Ferris Wheel (6.84 MB)
(a ZENGHOST creation)
ThumbOver (6.84 MB)
(a ZENGHOST creation)
Basic Twirl to ThumbOver (13.82 MB)
(an extension ov the Basic Twirl)
Switchback (6.14 MB)
(a ZENGHOST creation)

Instructional Videos by Icon of Sin